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Beach Day Set (3 Slimes)

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The “Beach day” set consists of the following slimes:

Watermelon Sugar Crush : This white slushee with red rock beads has a super crunchy texture, but due to the hard/pointy beads it is not suitable for sensitive hands. It also contains cute watermelon sprinkles and the slime smells of fresh watermelon.

Sea shell pearls : This clear flam contains white foam beads, shimmering pearls and a shell charm. The clear base is beautifully pigmented and all the components together create a super crunchy and bubbly texture. “Sea shell pearls” smells like fresh flowers by the sea.

Mamma Mia Beach : This special slime combines two textures: Sand Slime and Clear Slime ! The combination of the different textures creates a unique consistency that also smells like sunscreen and contains white flower sprinkles.

Videos about the slimes can be found in the individual items offered.