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Happy Hour Duo (2 Slimes)

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It's cocktail happy hour! In keeping with the summer, we have this refreshing slime duo made up of the following two different slimes:

The slime " Slimeroli Spritz " is a clear jelly cube slime that smells like a fresh orange-lemon drink. After crushing the jelly cubes, a jelly-like texture is created and great bubble pops are created when you play with it. The slime also contains an orange slice charm and a straw as decoration.

The slime “ Pina Colada Slush ” is a Clear x Icee Slime and smells like a coconut drink. After mixing the two different textures (yellow Clear Slime and white Icee Slime) a super stretchy jelly consistency is created. It also contains pineapple sprinkles and a palm tree charm.

This slime duo is more suitable for slime connoisseurs, as clear slimes are a bit more complicated to handle and can seem sticky.