Slime "April weather"

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April does what it wants... But can you turn this often occurring April rain weather into something positive? Yes, with our super pretty slime "April weather". In keeping with the rain theme, the slime contains crystal clear raindrop stones, making it a fishbowl slime . The included umbrella and rainbow add-ins complete the sparkling look and make the slime "April weather" a stand-out slime that will improve your mood when it rains. This slime does not contain any fragrance. 

Stretchability level: 3/5 (pull apart slowly at first, it becomes more stretchy as you play)

Odor intensity level: 0/5 (no fragrance, odorless)

Difficulty level: recommended for slime connoisseurs, as the slime is a bit “sticky” (this helps the raindrops stick better in the slime)