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Slime "Enchanted Glass Shoe"

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And so a pumpkin became a carriage. Our clear slime "Enchanted Glass Shoe" is reminiscent of the well-known fairy tale and brings the magic of Cinderella into your hands. This thick & glossy clear slime stands out particularly because of the shimmering, turquoise pigment, which makes it a real eye-catcher. Of course, the matching glass shoe charm that the fairy tale character lost in our slime is also included. "Enchanted Glass Shoe" is super clicky when played with and makes great bubble pops. The lemony, fresh scent rounds off the overall experience and makes this slime a must-have for anyone who wants to hold a fairy tale in their hands.

Stretchability level: 3/5 (stretchable if you pull it apart slowly)

Odor intensity level: 4/5

Difficulty level: suitable for advanced slimers, as clear slimes are a bit more difficult to handle for beginners