Slime "Lavender milk bath"

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Immerse yourself in the soothing world of our “Lavender Milk Bath” slime! This particularly crunchy white float slime takes you into an atmosphere of relaxation with its scent of fresh lavender flowers. The super crunchy texture of the slime creates fascinating bubble pops - thanks to the many foam beads it contains. Each slime also contains a lavender flower charm. Designed to release energy in stressful moments, this slime offers a unique calming experience and the delicate lavender scent can also help you fall asleep. “Lavender Milk Bath” offers a perfect oasis of relaxation in the midst of hectic everyday life.

Stretch level: 4/5 (it gets stretchier as you play)

Odor Intensity Level: 3/5 

Difficulty level: great for beginners