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Slime "Piglet & Pooh`s blanket"

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"What day is it?" "It's today!" squeaked Piglet. "Today is my favorite day!" - Winnie the Pooh

We have safely stored this carefree optimism in our slime "Piglet & Poohs blanket" and expressed it through the pretty color combination of yellow and pink. This cloud cream slime is perfect for quiet, relaxing moments: In addition to the creamy, super soft properties of the slime, the heavenly scent of fresh mangos is also impressive. "Piglet & Poohs blanket" also contains yellow hearts and piglet sprinkles.

Please note: Due to shipping, the slime layers may mix. To prevent this, we have placed a protective film between the different colors, which must be removed before playing.

Stretchability level: 5/5 (ultra stretchy)

Odor intensity level: 3-4/5

Level of difficulty: perfect for beginners