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Slime "Pina Colada Slush"

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Happy hour for slimes too! Our unique Clear x Icee Slime "Pina Colada Slush" looks like a real cocktail and smells pleasantly of a coconut drink. It contains two separate slime components (yellow Clear Slime and a little white Icee Slime), pineapple sprinkles and a palm tree charm. After the slime itself has been prepared and decorated, the fun of mixing can begin! Kneading the two textures Clear and Icee together results in a soft jelly slime. "Pina Colada Slush" is extremely stretchy, clicky and can make loud bubble pops. This slime can be very sticky at the beginning, so you have to have the activator ready.

Stretchability level: 5/5 (very stretchy)

Odor intensity level: 3/5

Difficulty level: suitable for slime connoisseurs, as activator must be applied