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XL Nostalgia Set (9 Slimes)

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The "Nostalgia Set" consists of nine different slimes:

Sandcastle memories: Super sizzly sand slime with the scent of oatmeal & honey.

Piglet & Pooh`s blanket: Particularly creamy cloud cream slime with the scent of fresh mangos.

Fairy tale reading: Crunchy white slushee with clear slime topping and a scent of sweet raspberries.

Cookie Monster Gelato: DIY clay slime with a clear jelly base and the scent of cookies.

Pink Bubblegum Fluff: Drizzly and soft cloud slime with the scent of pink bubblegum.

Kiss the frog: Clear Snow Fizz with Bingsus, which is super crunchy and smells like green apple.

Friendship bracelet: In addition to the crystal clear slime base, this slime contains a 75ml can filled with various beads.

Enchanted Glass Shoe: Thick & glossy clear slime with shimmering pigment and the scent of fresh lemons.

Little mermaid bubbles: Clear (micro-)floam, which is super inflatable and smells like cherry candies.

Videos about the slimes can be found in the individual items offered.