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DIY Clay Slime "Croissant in Paris"

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Bonjour and welcome to your road trip to Paris! Our slime "Croissant in Paris" is a DIY clay slime that contains a croissant made of clay, a beige-colored white base, brown chocolate slime sauce, and a French flag and hearts. This DIY clay slime not only offers a soft kneading experience with attention to detail, but also a fun time when arranging and decorating. After mixing the components together, "Croissant in Paris" becomes a soft butter slime of around 250ml in size, which is not only fluffy and sizzly, but also gives off a delicious scent of freshly baked chocolate croissants.

Stretchability level: 4-5/5

Odor intensity level: 4/5

Difficulty level: great for beginners