Versatile activity for children

Suggestions for safe and stress-free (for adults) play

by Jessica Schlegel for Avocadoslimeez

All of these precautions are not necessary. You can also easily play with Slime wherever you are with what you're wearing. If you as a guardian see the advantages of slime but still have concerns, you can take a look at the list of how you could structure the game situation so that you have no or fewer worries yourself 😊

  • old clothes
  • Plastic tablecloth or on tile or glass tables or craft mats
  • For wooden floors/floors with grooves or carpet: plastic underlay or tiled floor
  • Keep valuable items out of reach
  • Idea: Let the child play with slime dressed in the (unfilled) cleaned bathtub (sitting on an old towel)
  • Be present and maybe even play along😊 (also in old clothes)
  • Tie long hair away from your face

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