Tips against sticky slime

It can happen, especially in summer or when a slime has been left unused in the cupboard for a long time, and it is even normal for slimes to become sticky or runny. However, this is not a problem because with an activator and the right application, the slime will quickly no longer be sticky!

The following three things can be used as activators: our ready-made activator ( see product ), contact lens solution or detergent.

1st option: Ready-to-use activator : This activator works best for our slimes and maintains their consistency. Simply add a few drops of it to your sticky slime, knead it in well and your slime will no longer stick. If your slime continues to stick, keep adding more activator until the slime has reached the consistency you want. Super easy! PS: It is normal for flakes to settle at the bottom of the activator. Just shake the bottle well before use :)

2nd option: Contact lens solution/saline solution : You can also use contact lens solution from dm, for example, to stop your slime from sticking. Add a little contact lens solution to your slime and knead it in well. Repeat this process until your slime no longer sticks and has reached the consistency you want.

3rd option: Detergent : I would personally only use this option as an emergency option if you cannot implement any of the other options, because detergent changes the smell and consistency of your slime slightly. Of the detergents in drugstores, the pink Perwoll detergent (wool & delicates) has so far helped best with sticky slimes. Important: If you use this tip, as already mentioned, the smell and consistency of the slime will change slightly.

Generally speaking , slimes will liquefy more quickly in a warmer environment. Therefore, avoid storing your slimes in a warm place (do not place them near a heater or in the sun).

How to: Use activator powder correctly

First of all: The powder must never be added to the slime in its pure form!

1. Every slime order comes with a free goodie bag. This contains: 1 slime care sheet , 1 activator powder bag (as of May 2024: this bag is no longer included in all goodie bags) and edible sweets as a small gift. The activator powder bag describes exactly in what ratio you mix the powder with water. The slime care sheet also contains important information on good slime care as well as instructions on what to do if the slime is sticky or hard. Please read this slime care sheet carefully - it really doesn't contain a lot of text, I promise :)

2 . Now we need the activator powder sachet, 250ml of boiling water in a container and a teaspoon.

3. The complete powder is dissolved in 250ml of hot water and stirred very well.

4 . It's time to grab our sticky or liquid slime. Tip: It's best to leave it in the container during the process to avoid making a mess.

5. Add 1 portion (drop or teaspoon, depending on how liquid the slime is) of the just mixed activator to the slime.

6. If the slime was only a little sticky, you can knead the activator in with your hands. However, if your slime was very runny, it is recommended that you mix the activator into the slime with a spoon.

7. If the activator has been kneaded in well and the slime is still too runny or sticky, add another portion of activator. Repeat this process until the consistency is to your liking. In the end, you may have had to add more activator than expected.

8. Our slime is now ready and no longer sticks! When used correctly, activator will always return the slime to its original consistency, so have fun :)

More information about Activator

Activator can be stored for a long time in a closed container at room temperature. The activator must be stirred well before each use, as it is normal for the powder to settle at the bottom . Only add activator to the slime in portions, as if you add too much activator at once, the slime can become hard. Activator must never be drunk.

Your activator is empty? No problem, we offer a ready-to-use activator:

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