What is Slime actually for?

First and foremost, sliming is about the fun, the playing and the sounds it creates. This makes slime ideal for use during boredom or stressful moments. But slimes aren't just for playing. Kneading and shaping the mass supports the motor skills of the hands and is also used for therapy. In addition, certain scents of the slimes contribute to relaxation or support the process of falling asleep.

Areas of application of slimes:

- Therapy: against anxiety, stress and panic attacks

- Support for rheumatism, Parkinson's, stiff hands etc.

- Occupational therapy: after hand surgery to train the muscles (unlike kneading balls, slime can be adjusted to the degree of hardness of the hand muscles.)

- against fear of flying on airplanes; Slime as an anti-stress toy (75ml size)

- Relaxation and mediation (e.g. in the home office, watching TV or while studying)

- Concentration and conversation support (when studying or during a therapy session to maintain focus)

- Promote sensory and motor skills in children

Slime is a great sensory experience: Feeling, look and feel come in all variations, accompanied by special smells and precisely composed sounds.

Curious? We have a section for slime beginners , so feel free to stop by :)

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