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Good Night Set (3 Slimes)

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The "Good Night Set" consists of three different slimes:

Sleep well cloud : The slime "Sleep well cloud" is a super soft cloud slime, which is particularly special because of the little sheep and the moon sprinkles. The slime is scented with lavender to provide a calming effect. 

Night Sky : The slime "Night Sky" is a thick clear slime, which is particularly special because of the small glittering stars. The texture can be described as thick, glossy and clicky and the slime smells fresh and sweet. 

Calming lavender butter : The slime "Calming lavender butter" is a super soft and stretchy butter slime that smells of fresh lavender flowers. This slime was specially designed for stressful moments and fears, because the pastel look without distracting elements helps you relax. The lavender scent also contributes significantly and can even help you fall asleep.

Videos about the slimes can be found in the individually offered items.