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Slime "Friendship bracelet"

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Hey bestie! Bring the nostalgia of friendship bracelets to life with our Clear Slime "Friendship bracelet". The base of this special slime consists of a crystal clear slime, which catches the light to create a fascinating aesthetic. But the real highlight is hidden in the included 75ml can, filled with a variety of beads in different shapes and colors. The bead mix includes letter beads, sparkling diamonds and heart-shaped beads, reminiscent of the lovingly designed friendship bracelets of yesteryear. These beads can be mixed into the slime by yourself to create your own unique work of art and add a personal touch. Friendship bracelets were in the past - today it's a friendship slime ;) The "Friendship Bracelet" slime contains just a hint of fresh scent that subtly resonates in the background.

Stretchability level: 4/5

Odor intensity level: 2/5

Difficulty level: suitable for slime connoisseurs, as clear slimes can seem sticky to beginners