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Slime "Sandcastle memories"

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Whether digging holes, building sandcastles or using molds - everyone spent time in the sand as a child! With our sand slime "Sandcastle memories" you can revive memories of a sun-drenched day at the beach. This unique slime with real sand combines playful fun with calming aesthetics and tempts you to relive the time at the seaside, without any sand between your toes. With an initially firm texture, the "Sandcastle Memories" slime unfolds its magic when you start to slowly pull it apart. "Sandcastle memories" becomes softer and stretchier as you play and creates a relaxing sizzle sound that calms the senses and conjures up the idea of ​​a gentle sea breeze. The scent of oatmeal and honey envelops this slime and transports you mentally to a cozy breakfast by the sea.

Stretchability level: 3-4/5 (becomes more stretchy as you play)

Odor intensity level: 3/5

Difficulty level: suitable for slime beginners