Slime "Slimeroli Spritz"

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For the perfect end to a warm summer day, a refreshing drink in the evening sun on a lounger is a good idea - or our summer drink-inspired slime "Slimeroli Spritz"! This thick clear jelly cubes slime is made very special by the crushable jelly cubes. At first, this slime is crystal clear and filled with large cubes that are reminiscent of ice cubes, but as soon as the jelly cubes are completely crushed, a jelly-like consistency is created that is soft and stretchy. The slime smells like a refreshing orange-lemon drink and the orange slice and straw guarantee summer vibes! Experience the fascinating transformation from a thick & glossy consistency to a unique jelly texture.

Stretchability level: 2-4/5 (initially less stretchy, more stretchy after crushing the cubes)

Odor intensity level: 4/5

Difficulty level: not suitable for beginners