Slime "Movie Night Popcorn"

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Hey popcorn lovers! Do you love smelling the smell of freshly caramelized popcorn? With our slime “Movie night Popcorn” you have kneadable popcorn for your hands instead of your mouth - so please don't eat it ;) This white slushee consists of a creamy thick base and lots of slushee beads. The exceptionally crunchy texture creates fascinating bubble pops when the slime is gently pulled apart and folded. The hard slushee beads give this slime a unique consistency, but due to its strength it is not suitable for sensitive hands. “Movie night Popcorn” also contains a pretty popcorn charm, yellow foam beads and the scent of caramelized popcorn to round off the popcorn look. 

Stretch Level: 3/5 (gets stretchier as you play, 4/5)

Odor Intensity Level: 4/5 

Difficulty level: suitable for beginners

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